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Genetic Disease

Homeopathy cures not the disease in man but, man in disease. The following opinions by the great homeopaths of the past and present era amply prove that homeopathy can cure (inherited disorders, congenital disorders or anatomical malformations where the said disorders show signs of improvement) or improve or at least make the life of the patient livable and in incurable and terminal cases of inheritance or genetic disorders can grant comforts to the sick in the optimum). Our case taking is base on genetic. Genes are the functional unit of inheritance. They are the blueprint of the physical and mental make of the man. Each gene is a nucleic acid sequence that carries information representing a particular protin.Protin are the building blocks for everything in our body like bone and teeth,hairearlobes,muscles etc.These Protein help our body to grow, work properly, and stay healthy. Each and every aspect of the individual and his tendency has their origin in the genetic code and this is exactly what gives rise to individualization Genetic disorders (The diseases inherited).

DR. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN has referred hereditary diseases in aphorism 84, footnotes 76 and 164 to sections 78 and 284 respectively. He was farsighted, intuitive and had the analytical mind to discover that the chronic miasms in the mother were responsible for hereditary disorders in the child when he was in the intra-uterine state, and these could be treated by the homeopathic remedy. DR. C.M. Boger: "Did you ever stop to think why a homoeopathic potency is especially adapted to wipe out inherited traits. We are told by scientists that a little grain of cell, among the highest of ultra-microscopic cells, carries all the germs and the chromosomes of the past. Nothing can touch that but the homeopathic remedy and that is why we can prove it scientifically.

Dr AH Grimmer said, "Dr. Boger always gives us a splendid paper. Dr. Hahnemann had the perception that there was something beyond all the material things around and that is why homoeopathy is. It reached up into the mental state, even into the spiritual side of life and that is why Homoeopathy is vital. That is why it can wipe out inherited conditions (Now Genetic Disorders)."

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar: He believes that the Master has indirectly advocated the genetic characteristics as bases for homeopathic prescriptions. He is a strong exponent of genetic prescribing as follows. He has named his method of prescribing as GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL SIMILIMUM. The following are the components of G C S: ESSENTIALS OF GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY TAKING: GENES, as we all know, is mother of existence. Ourmap of genetic code or 'genome' is responsible for our physical make-up, mental make-up and general make-up. All these three arise out of same genetic map or genome. Hence it is but natural to conclude that looks, features, and built of individual have relation with his nature. It is important for a homeopath to be a keen observer that he can decode the physique to know the nature of a person.

PHYSICAL MAKE-UP: This includes:

  1. (i) Height, Weight, Stature
  2. (ii) Facial, Feature and Shapes
  3. (iii) Hair (distribution)
  4. (iv) Nails
  5. (v) Shape of Trunk.

MENTAL MAKE-UP: This includes:

  1. (A) Will, Morals, Intellect
  2. (B) Natural Traits (which are outstanding)
  3. (C) Emotions as reactions
  4. (D) Sensitivity and
  5. (E) Attachments.